Having a Minicab Account isn’t as complicated as it seems, and the benefits and convenience and really enhance your business giving your priority when you book with us as well as a choice as to which vehicle you want when you book.

Will having an account facilitate your businesses transportation needs?

Accounts - Luxury fleetIf you have a business in London with employees or clients needing personalized and professional transportation across the city then let go of the hassle that comes with regular booking and carrying around petty cash.

Setting up an account with Green Lanes Minicab is easy and we’re able to accommodate any last minute requirements. All that is needed is the application form filled out and sent to us, we will then process it and will let you know within a day if your application was successful. If so, you’ll be able to start using our Minicab services at once.

Why would this be useful? The booking process is easy! Booking a cab with an account is as easy as giving us the pick up, drop off addresses, time and date and any other special requests you may have. The costs will be invoiced at the end of the month in total.

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