1. Who are Green Lanes Minicab?
Green Lanes Minicab are a minicab service specialist company who have been providing a minicab services since 2005. We have over 50,000 satisfied clients who use us for all their minicab needs to and from London airports and Local London and national transportation.

2. What type of Minicab service do we provide?
We are open 24 hours, 7 days a week and we provide minicab services from anywhere in London (within the M25) to anywhere in London, to any of London’s Airports – Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton & London City Airport as well as national destinations.

3. How easy is it to book a journey with Green Lanes Minicab?
It should not take you more then a couple of minutes to complete a booking with Green Lanes Minicab. If you are more comfortable using the phone you can call us on +44 (0)20  8936 7025 and we will happily take the details over the phone.

4. What areas do we cover?
We cover the whole of London and all surrounding areas and airports. Destinations can be anywhere in the UK.

5. Which airports do we cover?
We cover the 5 main London airports.

6. What type of Vehicles do we have?
We have a fleet ranging from standard Saloon, Estate, People carriers, MPVs and more.

7. How early do I need to book?
Generally you are advised to book 24 hours in advance. However you can call us up to 4 hours before you need the cab and we will happily accept your booking over the phone. Please be aware that there could be a waiting time during busy periods if you request a cab for an ASAP journey although it will still be accepted.

8. How can I pay for the service?
You can either pay while making the booking over the phone by Visa, Master card, American Express or any other credit or Debit card. Alternatively you can pay cash to the driver on arrival at your destination.

9. Can I cancel my booking?
You can cancel a booking 4 hours prior to the booked time. If you have paid in advance you will be issued a full refund. We may deduct any administration charges.

10. Do we operate a fixed price policy?
Yes the price quoted is the price you pay. You may however be charged extra if you have ordered the wrong vehicle type. for example, you order a saloon and all your luggage does not fit into the boot. You would then be charged the difference of an estate car. Or if there is excessive waiting at the airport while picking you up. The best way to avoid extra charges is to be honest with the telephone operator in regards to how many people are traveling and how much luggage you have.

Call us: 020 8936 7025